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topics Covered

Changing Retirement

Past generations were able to rely on employer pensions to provide income in retirement. Today, that's far from the norm.

Changing Demographics

Fewer than three workers support, one Social Security Recipient. That number used to be 42:1. Increased life expectancy is straining government resources.

Rising Costs

National debt is increasing rapidly, who is going to pay for it? What might be a sacrifice you'll have to face?

What can you do?

Explore tax-efficient strategies that can help you keep more of your hard earned money.

With pensions largely a thing of the past and Social Security struggling, properly managing your 401(k), IRA, 403(b), SEP, or 457  for retirement has never been more important. How certain are you that your retirement plan has been designed to maximize your income flow, minimize your tax bill and set you up for the retirement you envision? Does your retirement plan include diverse and alternative tax structures to provide you maximum flexibility and control over your retirement income?

The 401(k) Trap 
will help you explore strategies that utilize available tax structures to help you maximize income flows to your bottom line. Find out how you might have  make your savings last longer, and discover the ideal savings vehicle for workers who expect to be in a similar or higher tax bracket in retirement. 

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Retirement Planning Strategies
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